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When I became an actress I quickly realize that the world liked their latinos to look Italian. Not like me. So I wasn’t going up for Latina parts. I was going up for African American parts. […]

Regardless of the fact that I spoke the language better and understood the culture better, those [stereotypical latina] weren’t the parts that…I could take seriously. Suddenly you have to explain why I look how I look. And then it gets complicated. And nobody wants complicated.

Gina Torres | Black Latino

and THIS is how diverse black culture is. It’s not just one thing.

OMG can I relate to this!! I’m of African, Cherokee and German descent. I’ve been mistaken for Latino, Italian, Jewish and Eastern European. It’s gotta be tough for this woman.


















Tongue x

the look he gets in the second gif right before he sticks his tongue out…wtf is he doing to us?  that’s the best face ever in the history of faces

Why does he do it so much? Are his lips THAT dry? Are the insides of his mouth THAT wet so he has to ease it out?

In any case, the solution to both problems is:
—> cunnilingus

laterovaries beanup  peendivision


OMG that word is up there with “Feeding the pony” Damn it woman!!! I bet that thing can go at warp speed too… You would explode with pleasure!!!
laterovaries galaatgatsbys jackburtonsays jossmayfair

yyyyyes…. that’s probably his tongue workout. Like mouth kegel or something. Oh, Tom is a good, hardworking boy… such a cunning, keen linguist.

Do stop.

You don’t want it to stop, larouau12 , never. You want him to keep going even after you came, while you mewl and thrash your sweaty limbs, the veins on his arms popping out from the strength of holding your thighs apart, your poor little nub so sensitive that every flick of that well-worked tongue makes you whine in pleasurable despair as you go into yet another quest of finding release, your torso shooting up to beg him to stop, to give you a break, but your pleading sight meets with his wicked, lustful eyes as he lets out a dark chortle, which reverberates through your drenched, tender sex, and flows around, mixing with the sloshing sounds of being sucked into his wet, wet mouth, before his meaty tongue starts prodding through your needy entrance with unbelievable speed, giving you a tight caress, while his stubble prickles your labia with sweet sparkle, and he coaxes you…somehow - by his mischievous, salaciously sadistic blue gaze, or by the inexorable, slick lapping of his lecherous tongue - into a hot orgasm, OH GOD, let the heavens collapse on you, let the sweet lava of a gut wrenching scream flow out, let the scorching liquid sun ooze, turning you into a limpid, helpless heap of a woman truly well tongue-fucked by Tom Hiddleston.

laterovaries beanup tantgul

Well. I was actually asking you lot to stop, but I can see THAT was a waste of time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and have another shower.

My tags are not working, it seems :/ or nobody WANTS to help me? beanup laterovaries larouau12

Dear Lord that description o_O… Now… You know how Tom has that protruding neck vein, that shoulder vein, the hand veins and the arm veins!? I imagine his manhood has such veins too. All thick and rippled like a built in climaxing sex toy to take you to the highest pleasure, pounding with such grace and intimacy you would not walk straight away from that. Jelly legs. His sweat dripping on you…….
coy00koi jackburtonsays celtickaye larouau12 laterovaries

For the love of the highest peaks of Asgard, beanup, vein kinks are one of my favourite kinks, this nailed it completely, I am panting over here….
d-d-d-dead. I am supposed to go put on a dress, go out on a girls night out, deal with real men, but all I’ll be able to think about is the velvet veiny hardness of the conda… and his long finger stroking it as he slowly pushes it inside.. goddamnit it all to hell

*takes a bow* Imagine gently scraping your teeth over each bump of vein. Back and forth…..
you whore.

Intolerable. How on earth am I supposed to sleep?

Not only not able to walk straight the next morning, but not being able to sit straight or even pee straight.

Of course, that’s how you know you had an absolutely fantastic night. ;)

I had no idea that there were so many such wicked women in the world.

I’m all about Evans, but GODDAMN is that some perfectly wicked pulse-boosting panties-busting nipple-hardening Picasso-level word art!!!

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